Behind the brand success

Meet Our Team Members!

Suresh Rajan

Founder and CEO

He is deeply committed to scaling eCommerce brands, granting them revenue, profit, and the freedom they deserve.


Digital Marketing Head

Experienced Digital Marketing Head, driving online success with strategic expertise and proven results


Account Manager

Experienced Digital Marketing specialist, dedicated to maximizing client success through data-driven strategies and exceptional campaign management.


Account Manager

She specializes in ROI optimization, dedicated to helping clients achieve their online marketing goals with PPC & Influencer marketing


Graphic Designer

Utilizing advanced design skills to craft compelling ad creatives, employing top-notch editing techniques to captivate the audience through user-generated content (UGC) and impactful statistics


Content Writter

Highly skilled in crafting ad copy that aligns with communication themes and generates personalized content tailored to the brand’s target audience at an advanced level.